Tips For Picking A Good Blog Title

Tips For Picking A Good Blog TitleThe title of your blog is what your readers first read when they visit your blog page. That is why it is important that you have the most attractive title that will entice your viewers to go on reading. Here are some things you could consider when picking a good title for your blog.

The Secret of a Good Blog Title.

When some bloggers are busy in writing quality articles, they didn’t realize that it is not just the way to get ranked on search engine result pages. Your blog title is important to your article’s SEO. Most especially the first 3 to 6 words of your title are crucial. Picking words for your title involves identifying what keywords are used by your target audience to find the content offer.

You must know that 90% of the sales of a product in a newspaper is from a headline or title since people acquire the “catchy titles”. However, this is not the case for online business. Your article title should consider the SEO process. You must choose words for your title that involves what keywords are potentially used by your target market. Picking blog titles are as important as writing good articles.

Decision Making for a Good Blog Title.

It is good to take time in deciding for your blog title that will truly fit for you and the blog. If your blog is newly created, you can put some thought as well as consideration for your title. Your blog title can represent you and the content of your blog. If you are still not sure, you give some time to decide. Jot down all the options and then take some time to think around. It is not very important that it is clever and catchy but something that fits for you and yet not being too plain.

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Your blog title should describe your blog. A good and attractive blog name can give you traffic that will surely add though it. Factors in picking a blog name are: how good it is for search engines, keyword stuffed ad the attractiveness. That is why it is important to generate an appealing blog title that will surely catch the attention of your readers.

The decision making process is also needed if you need a .Com address. Either you want a hosted blog or a custom domain, ensure that your blog title suits best for your blog content. You can try blogger if you are minimizing cost for your blog.

Good Blog Title should match your URL.

Always consider your blog URL. If you are using blogger, then ensure you get the blogspot address as near to your title as possible. This is because when your title and URL is completely not the same, it confuses the people. It is also not good for the search engine or SEO purposes. When you have a similar blog title and URL, it is easier to search and remember you. A Good Blog Title should equal to your domain name.

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