Blog Platform for Beginners

Blog-Platform-for-beginnersWhen you love writing articles then blogging is the best answer to your needs online. In the beginning, there is certain factor that you will consider in which blog platform you will choose. Blog platforms are software provider intended for publishing articles and related write-ups. You ma heard a lot of these with your friends already, and among the famous of all is Word Press and Bloggers. With this post, instead of picking out the best blog platform for you, I will let you decide which blog platform best fits your intention in writing online.

To begin with, let us divide blog platform into two, the paid ones, and those that are free. Notice the blogs that have their own name on the URL are all paid blogging site while those that tapped over a [...]

Essential Steps in Writing a Good Blog

Essential-Steps-in-Writing-a-Good-BlogCounting the many years you have spent writing and blogging, there will come to a point where you will reminisce the past on how you have constructed your skills in blogging. However, everyday springs new opportunity for writers and they need a good head start towards the essential steps in writing a good blog. Yes, you can write a blog anytime, anywhere you like but when it comes to creating the good ones differ much in structure and method. What are the essential steps in writing a good blog? Is there any effective strategy in writing a good blog all the time? What is the proof of evidence that you have created a good blog? These are just the few questions that will take your skills in writing to the next level.

Writers always commence [...]

How does Blogging works for you?

How-does-Blogging-works-for-youDo you ever wonder why people write or even read blogs? Not so long ago, people perceive blogging as a journal, like a diary where you can write and post anything under the sun. However, as the internet is moving towards business and money, we have discovered ways on how to utilize blogs to the fullest. How does blog fit into your writing? We have plenty of reasons to blog. No matter what the story lays behind that good blog of yours, one thing is for sure you can change your views one way or another after reading this blog.

Blog is a shortened form of web log. Yes, that is the origin of blog and is a simplified website, with lots of blog post or articles. Simplified in this context pertains to the basic [...]

Creating a Good blog from Scratch

Creating-a-Good-blog-from-ScratchIn blogging, there are only two sides of the story in the end, and they are creating a good and bad blog. Of course, we try so hard to stay away from the latter, but it seems like its elements are creeping in our nerves the moment we see that blank word pad in our monitor. The main idea is to write a compelling and engaging post that is consistent and flowing in our blog posts. How do you maintain such idea in blogging?

Bloggers have their own style in writing; hence, you cannot really give one solid suggestion as one being the best method in creating a good blog. However, going back to the basic has always been effective tin writing a good blog keeping in mind the ways content should be made. With [...]

Writing a Good Personal Blog

Writing-a-Good-Personal-BlogWhen you search the web about writing a personal blog, you will end up in how to make a personal blog instead. This post will not include technical stuff that involves codes and blog platform mechanism. Topics will include the formation of good ideas to write in your personal blog. How do you write a good personal blog? Where and what topics will you write in your first post? Do you think your post matters much to your reader or just to yourself? You will not get the answers unless you start writing one and get the feedback that your post deserves.

When you are writing for a personal blog, it is like creating a relationship with your audience. What do you usually talk about with your date in your first meeting? Personal blogging is [...]